What is the wood wax

What is the wood wax:
Wood wax oil is a vegetable oil wax coating domestic commonly known as, is a kind of paint and is distinguished from the natural wood paint, paint it and now that Petrochemical synthetic resin based on the production of completely different, the main raw material to refine linseed oil, wax and other natural plant oil and vegetable wax and other natural ingredients fusion and, even with a palette of pigments to food grade. So it does not contain three benzene, formaldehyde and heavy metals and other toxic ingredients, no pungent smell, can replace the paint used for decoration and outdoor garden furniture.
Main effects: the wood wax oil can penetrate into the wood, wood deep moisture maintenance; wax and closely integrated with the wood fiber, enhance the surface hardness, water pollution, so the wood, gold combination that can provide landscaping and the protection of the best for.