Advantages of wood wax

Advantages of wood wax:
1, fast drying: through the use of a specific desiccant can make wood wax production.
2, and the wood surface close contact: due to the use of green plant products, and after drying will not transfer of chemical elements.
3, excellent insulation: wood wax oil and wood surface to form a protective layer of insulating material is good.
4, anti-static: wood wax oil and layer does not protect the wood surface electrostatic.
5, adjust the natural humidity: for vegetable oil into the wood surface does not form a protective layer of film layer, the pit wood humidity exchange, so as to avoid the indoor humidity is too low and cause the wood local water content is not uniform, so that the stability of wood can be guaranteed.
6, natural breath: wood to breathe can not only guarantee the stability of wood, also make some inclusions within the wood (scientifically identified: wood interior has many beneficial to human body inclusions) can be slowly released, resulting in a natural and healthy environment.
7, excellent durability: wood wax surface does not like the paint surface in the wood surface protection layer, so we can not require paint as required for its wear resistance, this is two different concepts. But we should be more concerned about is the durability, that is the length of time the use of. Proved by practice painted wood wax wood after the correct use and maintenance, the use of time than paint wood surface.
8, anti yellowing: by using the correct wood wax products, can prevent the softwood and hardwood yellow light and red.
9, Yi Xiufu: because of the wood wax oil penetration into the wood, it is not easy to damage, and the damage can be repaired by the oil to obtain easily repair.
10, environmental protection: because of the wood wax oil does not contain formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful substances, it is used more and more widely.