How to choose what brand of wood wood wax oil well

Wood wax coating is a new Home Furnishing rising in recent years, with a high environmental protection, can protect the wood is very good, also can reflect the natural texture of wood. I believe that in the near future, the characteristics of wood wax environmental, harmonious, natural, personality will win the broader market. On the wood wax oil selection techniques and brand recommendation is of great concern to consumers, interested friends can have the patience to read the following.
Choose wood wax to choose latex paint to follow many of the techniques and rules, but there are a lot of differences, mainly taking into account the special characteristics of wood. The selection of wood wax oil can refer to the following skills:
With Home Furnishing style:
Select the color first according to the style of decoration, wood wax oil can make the antique style, Chinese style, garden style, Mediterranean style effect. For example, Chinese style with brownish yellow, colorless; pastoral style more use of pink, yellow lamp light color department; the Mediterranean style, multi use blue and bright, bold colors.
For selected wood properties
Because the same color wood wax oil for different wood effect is different. For example, rosewood hardwood choose paraffin. So when the choice as far as possible consulting professionals and try to confirm the color.
Suit one's measures to local conditions
Different places have special wood wax, such as the floor, furniture plate for hard wax, furniture should use color wax, ceiling panels available edible vegetable oil. Coffee regular contact, Manchurian ash, elm, oak, the best choice for these hardwood, can be coated with oil or natural color wood wax oil.
Wood wax oil is still in the slow phase, there is no absolute brand, unlike many other products are well-known brand in the industry rankings. The following Xiaobian to introduce several user reaction wood wax brand good: Enshi Li, KGI, Biotherm, to the state, should be united, European Shimu.