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Watson Nommo wax is a line is Hongkong international wood wax brand, is the German "Innocent" brand wood wax technology licensing Hongkong Nobel international environmental protection coating products in the domestic producer, production. Hongkong Nobel international was founded in October 1, 2008 in Hongkong, is as a template to the international trend of the wind vane, Home Furnishing in Hongkong as a research base in Germany wood wax manufacturing technology, to provide professional environmental protection and natural wood wax wood wax production process integration mechanism for domestic furniture manufacturers.
The environmental protection craft Nommo Bing Chengde Watson wax wood wax, in addition to inheriting traditional manual production technology in Germany is an effective combination of wood wax organic demand domestic industrialization of furniture manufacturing, scientific deployment, excellent stability, maneuverability, reasonable price, Watson Nommo overcome the drying time by wax wood wax construction long, strong odor, and other problems, has been widely used in home decoration, wooden furniture, wood large wood works etc.. So far, we have worked with many famous furniture manufacturers, and helped furniture manufacturers launch a series of environmentally friendly products and get consumers' and market's love and affirmation. In addition, because of the peculiar odor and Watson Nommo wax perfect results, in some high-end clubs, hotel projects, high-end custom fields, Watson has also been widely used Nommo wax.
In the future, the company will provide more high-quality wood wax oil products and quick and convenient technical services for our manufacturers and friends, in line with the idea of "focusing professionalism".